Day of the Horse (马日)

30 January 2020 (Day 6 of CNY)

According to chinese folklores, horses were born on the 6th day of the lunar new year celebration.

My Kimenese grandma was very mindful of animals, flowers and trees even when she was observing mainly human-centric rituals.

For example we were not allowed to sew anything on the first day of the lunar new year lest we sewed shut the eyes of baby animals born around this time.

It seemed like a load of superstitious nonsense in my youth, but my exposure to animals over the years taught me that my grandma’s belief & practice was her way of not causing harm to others in whatever ways she could.

The Chinese characters on the red paper, [敬土爱人] which came from her birthplace of Kinmen Island can be translated into “Respecting Earth, Loving Humans.” It is an exhortation to love the soil that we walk on and to love people as well.

This pair of handsewn donkeys represents all equine animals, including horses. I got them from a craft fair years and years ago.

So on this Day of the Horse, may we respect Earth and all her inhabitants, animals included, and become loving people.

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