Under the Pomelo Tree

Under the Pomelo Tree
17 Dec 2018

“To be sensitive is to feel for people, for birds, for flowers, for trees – not because they are yours, but just because you are awake to the extraordinary beauty of things.”

J Krisnamurthi

The first thing that struck me when I entered the Yala Courtyard in Patan was the gorgeous Pomelo Tree.

Decked in her golden orbs, the tree stood tall & proud, a vision of a goddess in her resplendence.

In response to my admiration, the host in his generosity offered to pluck one fruit for me to eat.

I thanked him but said no, because seeing a tree this beautiful is already very sweet.

And being able to take a picture with tender-hearted beings under “my” first Pomelo Tree is so satisfying.

I had no wish to spoil that magical moment by plucking, cutting, tearing & devouring parts of her.

So the Pomelo Tree got to keep all her fruits while we enjoyed the privilege of just sitting with her.

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