The Chiku Tree Welcomes Spring.

5 Feb 2019 – First Day of Lunar New Year

Towards late afternoon of the lunar new year celebration, I thought of the chiku tree that my father planted years ago.

So I walked to the back of the temple to say hello.

And there she was, fruitful as ever, laden with Chiku fruits of all sizes.

Red paper craft hanging from her branches like ribbons on a maiden’s hair gave the old tree a touch of festive air.

I snapped a picture of her and caught the light radiating amongst her leaves.

So I stood under her for a while and listened. Memories of my late father pruning the chiku branches and my late uncle harvesting the fruits with his beloved black cat, Shou Shou, climbing alongside him came to me.

Year after year, the Chiku Tree welcomes Spring, and she’s now also the link to my ancestors & beloved animals.

I found a fruit on the ground and took it home with me.

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