Margo’s Mandala for Full Moon Tonight

21 March 2019

I met Margo, then a stray dog, seeking shelter in a bus stop in Taman Jurong on a stormy evening like this. The year was 2004.

One night I saw her lounging quietly in the moonlight while the tree branches above her swayed.

“Margo in the Moonlight” came to mind as her body seemed to gleam amidst the vast darkness of Jurong Park. This is how the dog found her name.

Later on, Margo was to face danger from some park goers who found her “dangerous”. Once she was even caught, thrown into a gunny sack and taken to be drowned in Jurong Lake.

Old men frequenting the park to chat or play chess came to know of the scheme and intervened.

The one who loved Margo most when she was living in the park approached me to find a proper home for his “Ah Girl.” He was ready to lose Margo’s companionship in exchange for her safety.

Shortly after Margo was adopted, her parents invited the old man to come & visit Margo so as to assure him that his “Ah Girl” is in good hands. (6 Nov 2004)

That was how Margo came to be my friend, Lily and her husband’s beloved doghter for the next 15 glorious years.

I remember the day Lily gently leashing Margo in order to walk her to the waiting car. One of the old men spoke with a ritualistic air in the cantonese dialect to the collared dog, “Henceforth you are wearing a gold chain and have no need to roam or be hungry again.”

And true to the blessing bestowed, Margo lived the life of a princess after she left Jurong Park.

Earlier this evening, this brave girl who had overcome the perils of homelessness to live a life of loving & giving, transited into Light.

As the rain lashed at my window and the full moon rose, I dedicated a mandala on Margo’s behalf.

Margo’s Mandala for Full Moon.

15 years ago Margo appeared to me in a rain storm and gained her name in the moonlight.

15 years later, wind and rain escorted her as she left us during the full moon. Margo’s life has indeed “come full circle,” as her mom observed.

May all sentient beings have the good fortune of Margo to live a full life.

May all elements assist to facilitate an auspicious transit into Light when the time comes.

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