Do You Have Space For …?

6 Sep 2019

“Miss Ong, do you have space for another cat?”

A former student in my first school during the 80s texted me recently.

Me: What do you mean? As in a live cat? (feeling a bit nervous)

First Student: No, I mean a cat figurine.

I thanked him for his kind thoughts but explained that I’ve had my share of cute cat merchandise to last a lifetime.

First Student went on to describe how the cat figurine he saw was very well made and he would like me to have it.

I was touched that a kid I taught 32 years ago and who’s now working overseas should be interacting with his ancient teacher with such sincerity & enthusiasm. 😊

And after all, a couple of cat figurines shouldn’t take up too much space, I reasoned.

So bring it, I texted back.

Last week when we caught up at Grains & Hops near his art studio, he didn’t just bring me a pair of cats, but an entire collection of 20!

He wanted me have a complete set he said.

So on Teachers’ Day today, I’m dedicating this cat mandala to wish all teachers plenty of heart space to receive generosity & completeness, as shown by the giver of these 20 kitties.

And as Maggie Smith in her Downton Abbey character once said, “Nothing succeeds quite like excess,” I hope all students will not hesitate to thank or compliment their teachers and mentors excessively today or any other day. 😄

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