Becoming Open-minded

22 Oct 2019

First Tutee and his red tote canvas bag.

I’ve kept a red canvas bag in mint condition for some time. It was designed to raise funds to help homeless dogs.

Each dog printed on the bag is based on an actual dog looking for a home. Hence the tag line, “Hello, is it YOU that we are looking for?” goes with the graphics.

As I only recall First Tutee gushing about Captain America, wrestling & Ronaldo Cristanto, I didn’t think he would appreciate a red bag with sketches of dogs on it.

But I was wrong.

First Tutee took the bag home and folded it neatly amongst his belongings.

The next day he brought it to school to hold his water bottle and a couple of his favourite story books which he likes to have with him during recess.

When he came back from school he told his family that every single one of his classmates like his red canvas bag, especially the cute dogs on it.

And so it came to me as a lesson to mind my own assumptions & biases. For a boy who loves superheroes, martial arts & soccer, can also delight in a red bag full of cute doggies on it.

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