Timeless Appeal of Joy

8 Jan 2019

Sharonne’s CNY shopping achievements today.

Sharonne and I met in our late teens in the early 80s.

In our early 20s.

Between the two of us we must have eaten hundreds of plates of fried kuay teow at the NUS Arts Canteen during our student days.

When we became teachers, it was with her that I took my first flight on Air Romania to Holland to visit our friend, Mee Geok Liau. That summer while on a day trip to Belgium, we stumbled upon a a little restaurant on a medieval street and celebrated Sharonne’s birthday there. The name of the street was Zandstraat.

Sharonne got me a Hero fountain pen & a bottle of black ink. We took this pic at Guam Imm temple with the apsaras behind us.

Now in our 50s, having a vegetarian meal at Fortune Centre, making a temple visit and buying loud Chinese New Year decorations evoke the same giddy happiness we felt when we were just girls 37 years ago.

It is wonderful to know that joy remains or may even become more intense with the passing years.

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