Canine Blessings for the Rat Year

28 January 2020 (4th Day of CNY)

Nicki Ning-en with a rat toy.

My friend brought her adopted dog to my home for Chinese New Year visit today.

Dog approves of cny cake.

Dog girl looking at Windhorse Prayer Flags for the first time in her life. (4th Day of CNY, 28 Jan 2020)

At only 8 month old and of a slight built, Nicki Ning-en strutted about my home, sniffed around and made sonorous barks at the cats. Her 20 black nails and kohl-lined eyes gave her a touch of gothic vibes.

Black nails are cool especially when you don’t have to paint them.

Oliver the Cat hid behind the washing machine, wondering when this lanky girl would leave. Behind the glass door of the cat room, plump Hakim sat cross-pawed, daring Niki Ning-en to come closer.

Nicki Ning-en raising her head to look at Avalokithesvera and Ganesha.

Satisfied with her exploration, the girl dog lay down contentedly on the floor by the altar while raising her head briefly to look up at Avalokithesvara (Compassion) and Ganesha (Wisdom).

She had also chosen to relax on the same spot where Shoya, my dog, transited into Light in 5 years ago.

I smiled at the way she seemed so at ease resting on Shoya’s space.

Perhaps being born on an industrial site, losing her own mother, taken to the pound and living so close to death had given this dog an extra ability to sense peace.

As I gave Nicki Ning-en her Chinese New Year red packet, I wished her good health and a long life to accompany her human mommy for a long time.🌈🐾

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