A Five Flower Celebration (人日)

31 Jan 2020 (Day 7 of Chinese New Year)

Yesterday around sunset, Ollie sat by the window and gave thanks for the Windhorses and his little garden of 2 small pots of radish leaves and 1 flower.

This morning when he woke up, there were 5 flowers!

“Ma, we have 5 flowers!” – Ollie the old cat

[五福临门] means the Arrival of Five Blessings. It is an old Chinese greeting which sounds nice but I never really felt its meaning till today.

The Five Blessings are longevity, prosperity, good health, magnanimity and an auspicious end when a full life has been lived.

In Chinese folklores, humans were born on the 7th day of the lunar new year. This day is called “ren ri” [人日].

Ollie and I would like to take this auspicious morning of 5 flowers blooming in our home to wish all friends and all human beings the Five Blessings, for our benefit and the benefit of all sentient beings.

【人日安康 众生得益】

(May our blessings extend to all beings)

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