The Cat’s Potato-sized Hope

6 Feb 2020 (Day 13 of Lunar New Year)

Ollie inspects the newly bought red radishes from Sheng Shiong Supermarket. He hopes the sunlight by the living room windows will be enough for them to continue sprouting the few leaves they have.
He puts one in a snail shape pot containing soil and water it.
The leaves are looking good, but the red radish root appears to be shriveling. So Ollie prays over it.
Red Radish Two grows slowly but steadily.
Ollie is pleased to see the lush green leaves thriving even if there’s no sign of flowers.
“Just take your time. I know we cannot hurry Mother Nature,” Ollie says to his Red Radishes 1,2 and 3.
Ollie’s puppy friend, Nicki Ning-en sniffs at Red Radish Two.
Ollie tries to make sure his Red Radishes get to meet the morning sun.
Red Radish One is flowering while Red Radish Two needs more time.
Ollie is happy to see his plants thriving under the sun & windhorse prayers flags everyday. A cat loves his garden even if it’s made up of a few pots of plants.
Ollie is greeted by the new blooms of Radish Two on the 13th Day of the Lunar New Year celebration.
The first flower is pink.

Ollie learns to see hope in the size of a potato, like the small red radish. And even if it cannot grow as fast as he likes, or may not even flower after all the troubles, being kind and showing care is definitely an act of hope.

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