A Celebration of Daughters

3 March 2020

Daughters who embrace change.

Today is Girls’ Day in Japan. Also known as Hinamatsuri or Dolls’ Day, Japanese families with daughters display dolls and make special dishes to celebrate daughters.

Daughters who study & play.

Since ancient times across cultures, daughters have played pivotal roles in securing the economic survival of families and the political stability of countries, despite not receiving the same respect as sons in many asian households.

There are all kinds of daughters.

Daughters who love animals.

Daughters who study, daughters who dance, daughters who dare, daughters who heal and daughters who work and daughters who are traded to supplement family incomes and so on.

Daughters who represent the nation.

So here’s wishing all human & animal daughters, regardless of contributions & situations, good health, joy and kindness!

Daughters who rescue & heal.

May the female energy be duly honoured so that daughters who smile will bring forth greater abundance, constant creativity and deep healing for all sentient beings.

Daughters who dare.

Daughters who run businesses.

Happy Girls’ Day! 🌈♥️🐾

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