No Heart to Delete

16 July 2020

The plumber who came to fix the pipes today was enamored of my cats, Ollie and Hakim.

He spoke affectionately about his own cat and a community cat that he and his family had been feeding before it disappeared.

When his work was done, he showed me the missing cat’s picture on his phone. The man who handles metal parts all day long then muttered to himself in Mandarin, “他失终这么久了,可是我就是不舍得把他的照片给删掉.” (translation: the cat’s been gone for so long, but I can’t bear to delete his photo from my phone).

In that split second, I felt I was watching a very private moment in a man’s life.

The picture that accompanies this post was from a friend who visited the desert during the full moon of 5 July. It was very windy there but she managed to find a spot to light a butter lamp in honour of her dog that recently passed on and a community cat that had not shown up at her home for meals.

May the Heart that grieves and pines be comforted by Light.

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