Heart Mandala for Full Moon

24 June 2021

Rose quartz heart for unconditional love. Clear quartz heart for clarity & courage.

This morning around 4am, the Moon came flooding through the windows. Emmanuel the cat had a glorious moon bath, his grey fur and white paws taking on a luminous glow.

8 years ago, on an evening before this, we were standing on the roof top of Tibet Guest House in Nepal greeting the full moon.

The full moon in Kathmandu on 23 June 2013 that started my mandala dedications to the Moon.

That was the first full supermoon that got me started on dedicating mandalas to the moon.

May our hearts be filled with the fullness of the Moon, to keep caring even if there isn’t a cure.

May our hearts take on the luminosity of the Moon, to see clearly and act courageously, for our benefit and the benefit of all sentient beings.

Divina, the elderly shelter cat has a rose quartz heart to keep her company.

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