Turning 21

22 Oct 2021

My younger nephew turns 21 today.

Every birthday, regardless of age, is to be cherished. Celebrated in big ways or small, observing the occasion is an act of gratitude, not a gauge of one’s popularity.

Ilario learning to hold Oliver.

It’s amazing that between showing him how to hold a cat properly when he was 7 to looking at his compositions when he was 16 and discussing internship options for his studies just recently, 21 years have gone by just like that!

Studying GCE O level with Oliver.

So this morning I sent a text to the boy who has brought nothing but smiles to his mom & dad good health, kind heart and wise mind as he steps into adulthood to exercise his rights and responsibilities.

Edusave Award with dad
Showing gratitude to mom at Edusave Award.

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