Thanksgiving Lights


It had been raining all day and by 4pm on New Year’s Eve I was still clueless as to how my mandala display to mark the last evening of 2021 should look like. So Iike my cats I decided to take a nap.

Then I dreamt I was in a dark alley and dared not walk because the ground was wet & slimy. Just as I was about to backtrack, a friend came by and cheerfully offered me a lamp. The fire which he held in his hand danced merrily and I felt my heart warming instantly. When I woke up, I kind of knew what my mandala for New Year’s Eve should look like.

So on this final evening of 2021, I found exactly 8 butter lamp holders to match the 8 points of the “OM” bearing lotus to herald the blossoming of new beginnings.

It is my wish that as 2021 draws to a close may the challenges we have endured the past year not make us fearful or bitter, but cause greater courage, higher wisdom & deeper compassion for ourselves and all sentient beings to flower as we cross into 2022.

New Year’s Eve Mandala of 8 pointed lotus bearing Om surrounded by 8 butterlamps. 2 days later, a friend would contribute $55 to round up contribution to $800 for street animals in Nepal.

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