This Morning’s Rainbow

4-1-22 (as seen at 7.47am)

The rainbow introduces children to colours and students to science. In turbulent times, the rainbow is a symbol of promise, hope, equality and continuation of love.

I love Singapore’s founding father’s speech where he exhorted us to follow that rainbow and find our pot of gold.

But my favourite rainbow is found in the “Song of the Windhorse” by Venerable Sangharaksita.

“I am the Windhorse!
I am thought at its clearest
Emotion at its noblest,
Energy at its most abundant.
I am Reverence. I am Friendliness.
I am JOY.
Plunging or soaring, I leave behind me
A rainbow track.”

Last night I asked the new moon to strengthen our mind so that our thoughts & emotions may have the clarity for us to act wisely & compassionately.

And the Windhorse must have heard my prayer too. 😊

Last night’s amethyst mandala offering to the new moon below the windhorse prayer flags. 🙏

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