Love Sustains All

28 Oct 2022

My reflection is captured by the broken heart cradled in the arms of Mother Teresa by Eleanora Artglass. (Marina Bay Sands, Exhibition Hall C, 27 Oct 2022)

Eversince they did a comprehension cloze on the significance of Kit Kat chocolate wafer in Japan, my 11-year-old tutees have been periodically asking for Kit Kats.

Kit Kat from Japan bought at Don Don Donki Supermarket in Jcube, Singapore.

One week after another passed by while their requests marinated in my mind. Going to the supermarket or mall these days feels like a huge undertaking.

But yesterday after an artglass exhibition at Marina Bay Sands, I decided to drop by Don Don Donki supermarket at my default shopping mall, JEM, to fulfill the children’s wish.

Mother Teresa humbly works the ground even in artistic form.

As I got onto the cab, the thought of navigating the cavernous JEM to reach my prize suddenly felt very exhausting. And then it struck me that JCube, a much smaller mall in the same area, also has a Don Don Donki!

The driver fulfilled my wish for a destination change & spared me from incurring extra charges by not requiring me to reroute my booking.

While on my Kit Kat quest, I stopped by briefly at a spectacle shop. After answering my queries, the sales staff who served me asked where I got my cane accessories from. Her dad uses a cane too. Her parents live in the eastern part of Singapore, while she now lives in the west, having gotten married recently.

I could tell from the few words she used to describe her dad that she worried about him. When I listed the places where she could help her dad explore mobility aid options, she noted the details like a student. Not having to wear a mask also meant I could articulate the sources of relief clearly.

Recalling my reflection in the broken heart held in Mother Teresa’s hands, it feels like my compulsion to get Kit Kat for the kids, the driver’s grace to me and my mitigating a daughter’s concerns have been written all along & sustained by LOVE. 🙏❤️

My late cat, Kitty Hawk, in deep thoughts.
Kitty Hawk resting on “Come be My Light,” a biography of Mother Teresa. (Christmas 2015)

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