Full Moon Mandala of Ascension


A stag pendant which broke off from its chain & destined for the trash merged with a Bodhi leaf from the temple at Muktinath, Mustang, to mark the Full Moon.

As autumn makes way for winter, and human activities wind down, those of us who are heathy are prompted to rest and recover. We watch Fire carefully and over our ailing ones for the seasonal transition is also a doorway to the great beyond.

In agricultural communities, decisions on animals that may not be able to cope with the cold have to be made.

May those tasked to terminate an animal’s life be merciful. May the soul that is released from the broken body ascend and return to Light.

The horns extend beyond the Stag’s Skull to meet the Light. I see Menorahs and Mountains on the Bodhi leaf.

May the Full Moon inspire our thoughts to move from the Finite to the Infinite, like the way the horns grow beyond the Stag’s head to ascend Light.

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