Tam Tam’s Thanksgiving

7 Dec 2022 (Full Moon Eve)

This afternoon I lit a butter lamp to give thanks for a black cat who went missing for nearly 2 months, but was found unharmed.

Thanksgiving Butter Lamp on behalf of a black cat.

Tam Tam was born & raised at the animal shelter. Black cats are the most overlooked adoptees. So we can imagine his shelter caregivers’ joy that at 3 years old he managed to find a home. However, unbeknownst to his shelter family, his adoptive family allowed Tam Tam to roam.

Tam Tam doing what he does best at the old shelter where he was born and raised.

One day he went out & didn’t come home. When the shelter people learnt that Tam Tam had gone missing, they posted notices and searched anxiously for their little black prince.

This post was shared over 100 times on social media. The power of collective intentions can do wonders.

Had he met with an accident since he had little understanding of motor traffic because he wasn’t born on the street? Or had he met a python since he was lost in a forested area?

Is a black cat really so unlucky that even an adoption is shortlived?

Nonetheless I raised a butter lamp for Light to guide Tam Tam to safety, and if he had met with a mishap, may he and his caregivers find peace.

A light for Tam Tam and the search party looking for him. (24 Nov 2022 at Theckchen Choling Temple, Singapore)

A day after offering the butter lamp, I received news that Tam Tam was finally located taking refuge in someone’s compound. Alive. 🙏

This morning at the shelter, he was one of the first cats to come running to greet us at the sliding door. He chased the others around & climbed up the gate leading to the kennels to peer at the dogs. At one point the obsidian feline was seen supervising the humans on the correct way of raising prayer flags.

The Great Black Tam overseeing the raising of windhorse prayer flags on full moon eve (7 Dec 2022)

We will never know where Tam Tam wandered after he got lost, and how he was able to meet someone who didn’t chase him away because he was black, but let him remain in his compound & even fed him.

Tam Tam had scores of people combing the forest for him and his lost post notice was shared over 100 times on social media.

He showed me that it is the care given, and not the colour we’re born with, that determines our luck.

Contrary to supersitions, Black is a very humble colour that retreats so that others may shine. It forgives a multitude of imperfections, showing Black’s true magnanimity.

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