A Red Lantern Welcome

14 June 201

Yesterday towards evening we decided to head to Mofan Street which was part of the old city, Houpu, where my grandmother was born.

We were given free bread and free ride on our way to the old capital.

On our way there, a man stopped to give us freshly baked bread for free and a lady who overheard our destination discussion offered us a ride to Mofan Street.

Red Lantern bearing the chinese characters 后浦 Houpu, the old capital of my grandma’s childhood.

The moment we arrived at Mofan Street a red lantern with the chinese characters 后浦 (Houpu) caught my eye!

I felt very warm inside as my travel mate took pictures of me standing under the red lantern. So this is really my grandma’s town.

A few steps ahead, a lady offered us some freshly made egg rolls to try. We ate them and thanked her for her generosity.

翁阿宝 (Weng Ah Bao) gave us egg rolls to try. She shares the same surname as my grandma.

I asked for her name.

“叫我阿宝就可以了” she said. (Transl: Just called me Ah Bao) “Bao” usually means treasure or precious.

I asked for her surname.

“我姓翁,” she replied and went on to describe the strokes that made up the character 翁 (pronounced as weng in Mandarin).

It turned out that she had the same surname as my grandma.

It was then I felt my grandma’s long overdue homecoming has really happened.

“阿嬷我们真的到家了,” I said in my heart to the little girl who left this old city nearly a 100 years ago.

(Transl: Grandma, we’re really home)

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