Kinmen Wind Lion Guardian Mandala for Full Moon

17 June 2019

Wind Lion Guardians are made of stone & earth elements for their grounding effects. Capes are put on them as a gesture of respect & gratitude for their protective presence. Some islanders change their windlions’ capes based on seasonal celebrations. Sometimes what others see as idolatry may be just simple signs of connection with the universe.

The inhabitants of Kinmen Island place stone carvings of mythological lions (风师爷 feng shi ye) at strategic locations for protection from powerful winds and other elements that are beyond human control.

Over the years, these leonine creatures acquire various types of colours, shapes and designs to reflect their relevance to the island folks.

The moon rose above me as I walked on the old street of Houpu, my grandma’s birth place.

May the full moon bless all sentient beings with the luminosity to adapt to changes, especially during dark times.

And may we share the spirit of the Kinmen folks, who over time, turn attempts to manage hardship into works of art, as the multitude of wind lion designs have shown. 😊

Wishing all my friends the Lion’s Laughter.

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