Love in Absentia


My late dad with newly rescued Kitty Hawk in my brother’s workshop bedroom in Batam Island.

Around February this year I placed some chiku seeds in different pots by the window of my home. The chiku fruit was from a tree planted by my dad when he was hale and hearty.

Weeks past, some seeds turned moldy and had to be discarded.

Recently, in the midst of my fading enthusiasm, one of the seeds sprouted!

Seedling from my father’s chiku tree today. 4 Aug 2019

Today my dad would have been 81 years old.

This morning my brother & I dropped by the columbarium to place a marigold by his picture and by the picture of his father, who passed on when my dad was less than one year old. We placed one marigold for our dad’s single mother too.

My dad as a young man in Zion Rd area and as an old man in Arab Street.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Thank you for being the best father you knew how to be despite being fatherless yourself.♥️

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