31 July 2019 (eve of 7th Lunar Month)

A six legged insect with an iridescent sheen was spotted clinging on the glass of the sliding window in my teaching room.

We were talking about ghosts and spirits.

Me : “Wow! What a beautiful creature! It must have come to show that everything I’ve told you is true!”

Boy: “Is it dangerous?”

Me: “I don’t know. But we can open the window and let it go.”

The window was slide open and the colourful being exited our room joyfully.

Me: “Just because we’re scared of something doesn’t mean it has to die, you know? We can always set it free.”

The boy looked with his mouth agape, at the spot where the winged Rainbow Messenger had been. He was probably glad that I didn’t ask him to smack it down with a book or something.

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