New Moon Labradorite Cairn Dedication

30 Aug 2018

Corgi Boy was describing colours and textures with the help of labradorite stones.

He learnt that the installation that resulted from his instinctive balancing of one stone above the other is called a cairn.

Cairns are ancient markers of sacred spaces and ritualistic undertakings.

And without trying too hard, he was able to position the stones in ways that would catch the light and display their hidden iridescence.

He thus experienced the benefit of facing the light no matter how dark he felt inside.

He smiled at the shimmering stone from my special collection which I had placed on his palm & assured me he would take good care of it.

May this august new moon accept Corgi Boy’s labradorite cairn and bless him & all sentient beings with healing, grounding & balance.

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