Life Force

3 Sep 2019

I’ve a tendency to collect seeds from the fruits I eat since I was a kid.

And whenever possible I like to bury them in the soil instead of throwing them into the trash.

I imagine the seeds taking a nap in the darkness, recuperating from the trauma of being separated from the flesh.

Sprouts from jackfruits that Krison bought 3 weeks ago.

And when the conditions are right, the seeds will wake up and send me a thank you sprout.

Just seeing their leaves catching the morning light makes me happy even if their sprouting is short-lived.

Their appearance keeps me from giving in to the despair of forest burning and animal harming, very much like how years ago a bunch of pigeons flapping around a friend’s legs had caused him to change his mind about taking his own life.

So I really believe in the restorative & healing powers of nature, and regularly stop to thank the shrubs and trees that I see.

Balonlong, Lime and Bougainvilla blooming under the tender care of garden worker.

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