The Future is Now

10 Oct 2019

Sometimes I buy or collect stuff without really knowing why. They are not expensive or rare items – a book here, a stone there, little knick knacks at fund raising etc.

Many years ago I bought “The Diary of Rags,” to support Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD).

It was a story told from the perspective of an abandoned dog called Rags. It was meant for very young readers whom I had no contact with at that time.

I could have easily tossed it away during the many decluttering exercises teachers need to do if they don’t want to be buried under an avalanche of lesson materials & books.

But still I held on to the thin book. Perhaps keeping the book was my way of giving Rags the story book dog a home.

This September while I was away in Taiwan, First Tutee had to read a story book and create an alternative ending for it.

“Rags” came to First Tutee’s rescue.

Rags’ abandonment and hardship in the construction site with no prospect of rescue resonated with the primary 2 boy.

So for his alternative ending, First Tutee decided to put himself in the story. He went to the construction site and with outstretched arms, stood between Rags and the bullies.

I noticed in his drawing First Tutee was unarmed.

Me: Why didn’t you bring weapons with you when you went to rescue Rags? The dogs at the construction site might not like you entering their territory.

First Tutee: I only want to scare the dogs away, not hurt them.

He had included the cats, Ollie & the late Kitty in his rescue mission because they are his protectors.

The new term began. His English teacher texted to say that First Tutee was one of the two pupils who handed in their holiday assignment on the first day of school.

When I bought the “Diary of Rags” at the animal welfare event, I didn’t know one day a little Malay boy would need it for his English assignment, and show me a compassionate & courageous heart sitting in that 8-year-old body of his.

Even as no one knows what the future holds, it is assuring to see that all kind acts will be of benefit to someone somehow at some point.

So may we try to do all the good we can even if we can’t see the results yet.

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