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11 Dec 2019 (at Boudha Stupa, Nepal)

The Boudha Stupa (11 Dec 2019, Nepal)

For us in a capitalist economy, properties are more than places to shelter from the elements. Property ownership is used to strengthen our survival chances, secure positions in society and acquire power over others.

In Singapore, a property is measured in terms of its age and location, among other criteria, because these qualities impact its resale value.

I could be lacking in business acumen or short on survival skills, but there’s something a little cold and sad about the practice of buying something with the intention of re-selling it.

I think this practice can also undermine our sincerity with people, animals and environment insidiously in the long run.

Do we make friends with people so that we can trade them for other benefits when it suits us?

Do we judge people’s character and potential based on their residential addresses?

At the Boudha Stupa, the snagged tooth dog toasting in the sun as he marinades in mantras offered by thousands of pilgrims on a daily basis adds another layer to our understanding of survival, power and position.

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