Wearing Prosperity

16 Dec 2019

Drichu means Yangtze River in Tibetan.

When I buy clothes or trinkets , I have a habit of dedicating my purchases before I put them on because hard earned money has power.

And because money is hard earned, spending it at shops that allow street animals to rest at their entrances is very rewarding for me.

Dog “Khaire” meaning yellow in Nepali rests at Drichu’s entrance to escape the winter cold. (Boudha Stupa, Nepal 10 Dec 2019)

If a shop welcomes animals and not shoo them away, it tells me 3 things of its business owner and service staff.

Firstly they have kindness.

Secondly they have no fear of offending customers who don’t like animals.

Thirdly, their business is already prosperous because animal beings are drawn to their doorways.

So I hope by using products from these shops, I too will prosper and be of benefit to all sentient beings.

Namaste. Tashi Delek. ♥️🌈🐾

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