New Moon Mandala of Light, Lime & Leaves.

1 Aug 2019

May the new moon bring renewal, clarity and courage to all sentient beings at each of the 7 stages of their lives.

May we give without expectations, and share without anxieties, as the practice of mandala offering to the moon has shown me.

Over the years of dedicating mandalas on new moon and full moon, I’ve learnt not to be distracted by the logistics of purchasing new materials or “creating” new mandala patterns.

I try to wait on the moon and trust that all things and ideas will be provided for.

Yesterday a boy on his way to lunch pluck two lime fruits and tossed them towards my work room.

Two days ago, the Indian florist gave me two bunches of fragrant leaves.

Even the copper plate holding this mandala was given to me.

And this is how today’s mandala came to be. And all I did was to be grateful and remember the Moon.

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